Project Pricing

Project Pricing

  • Small Projects (<50K)

    Suitable for small projects, additions and expansions.
    $2500 Phone calls, meetings, Documentation Electronic & Physical Documents Up to 10 Hours Additional hours: $100/hr
  • Medium Projects ($50K - $100k)

    Full Design Service. Concept to completion on projects of limited complexity.
    $4500 Review Situations / Confim objectives Proposal design and review Up to 25 hours Additional hours: $85/hr
  • Large Projects ($100K - $500K)

    More complex requirements: multi-units, mixed use, Integration
    $8,000 Dedicated Project Team integrated CRM Up to 60 hours Additional Hours: $80/hr
  • Enterprise ($1 Million plus)

    Time managed requirements. multi phased and planned. Tiered level requirements
    $15,000 Staff / Egineers CRM, Time Tracking, Sub contractors Up to 160 hours Additional Hours: $50/hr
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Get the correct pricing structure for your project. Don't see the plan to fit your Project?, We do customizations.

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Dzinex is a respected provider of reliable, secure, structured consulting services. We combine distinctive packages of consulting and monitoring capabilities. Our focus is on providing support and solutions to give you the knowledge of making the best technical decisions for your company...

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