About Us

We are a technology company driven by being a value add to our customers. We are custom integrators – owned and operated by industry engineers.  We deliver the perfect “non-over-engineered” custom solution that fits your company.

About Our Company

Push Beyond Technology

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and cost-effective solutions. Our vision is to help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing functional, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.

How We Approach Our Projects

1. Initiation & conception
2. Planning & design
3. Installation
4. Monitoring & control
5. QC & knowledge transfer

Secure, Usable Technology

From Startups To Estabished Enterprises

Our Engineers and techs are trained constantly as old tech is revised and new tech emerges.  Dzinex tests all devices and services in our demo lab prior to adding them to our list of products.

Ready To Help You

We Are Your Partner In This Innovative Digital Era

Our goal to put in place the most functional, cost-effective solution that fits your organization’s size and needs.  We work beside your key decision makers to construct your perfect IT infrastructure and services.


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G3 Labs

G3 Labs testing center Las Vegas

Hosted Exchange
Intercept-X Antivirus & Malware
Advance email security
Remote Machine Management
Network Managed Services
Microsoft App Subscriptions
Centralized Bitlocler
CLC church

Las Vegas

Network Managed Services
Hosted PBX
Campus Wide Manage Wi-Fi
Lezlie Funches

Lezlie Funches

Network Managed Services
Sonos Distributed Audio
2gig w/ alarm.com security
Axis w/ alarm.com surveillance Door Access - alarm.com
Lutron lighting control
Lutron smart shades
Managed Wi-Fi
URC - Home automation