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Audio - Visual

Perfectly measured sight and sound

70v Speaker system

Dzinex installs commercial background music & PA systems. Play soothing music with your advertisements. Professional - Commercial Audio.

Distributed Video

Our HDMI over IP product creates an HDMI matrix. any combination input and out is possible. For sports bars, advertising display walls and much more.

Pendant Speakers

Our Pendant speaker sound systems provide outstanding coverage for particulary large or noisy areas like, work shops, ware houses, gyms, etc.

Entertainment Rooms

Often called Man Caves or She Sheds. A place to indulge and hangout. A retreat with great sound and brilliant TV.

Multi-Room Audio

You decide how you want to hear your audio. one source - multiple speakers OR multiple source - multiple speakers. Dzinex will make it happen.

Back Yard Entertainment

The dynamics of entertainment change when endulging in the open fresh air, under the stars. In the comfort of your backyard.


Changes in our work culture are driving the need for better ways to work and communicate. Employees are no longer just located in an office. They include dispersed teams, employees working from home and contractors in their own offices. We design conference rooms to offer a better way to collaborate and hold spontaneous meetings without moving entire teams from one location to the next. The object: To get more work done.

Our Video Display designs are practical and appealing. Our visual displays are functional and assist with presenting an appetising look! They are flexibil, easy to change and update. a good digital display draws people to look at it without much effort.
Video walls get attention. They demand focus and attention no matter where they are installed. Large screen displays gets everyone involved and gets everyone the correct information the way you choose to display it. They can add to the “wow” factor or aesthetics of a room and provide engaging, interactive functions that really inspire creativity.


We specialize in home theater design and installation that show a sense of harmony between your home’s existing look and your newly installed dzinex theater system, without compromising sound and visual quality. Dzinex has partnered with an elite local Las Vegas carpenter, Accolade Woodwork, that shares our standard of excellence and customer service. Our goal is to deliver a masterfully crafted home theater.

Dzinex will design everything you need to turn your backyard into an incredible open-air theater - From the Tech to the custom furniture. Make your next party or outdoor event one that your friends and family will never forget with a home outdoor home theater system by Dzinex. It comes with everything you need to put on an incredible show.
Our custom installers are skilled at adding and moving audio visual equipment in your manufactured home. Installing a system that functions and meshes with your home after the completion of building, is our focus. It takes an experienced, skilled installer to do retros... Dzinex Installers.

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