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Access Control

Log Ins and Outs
Create Digital keys
Restrict door access

Corridor Format

Allows you to monitor more vertical than horizontal. Great for hallways and in between structures.


A set of specifications that defines the interoperable features supported by a conformant client

Color Night Vision

Full-color footage in low-light conditions with state-of-the-art back-illuminated image sensors

Opimized IR

Detect and Identify objects in complete Darkness - Clearly.


For those temporary, almost impossible areas. 300ft range

Benefits of having an integrated surveillance system

  1. Protect your assets. You can have instant views on one pane if you need to view an event immediately.
  2. Eye In The Sky. Employees / children / guest seem to behave themselves a little more when they know they are being watched.
  3. Real Time Monitoring. You can get a complete picture of what is happening. Who just buzzed in? Who keeps going outdoors every 15 minutes?
  4. Theft Prevention. Home or office, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected theft by known or unknow assailant.
  5. Increased Sense of Security. Your employees or family member can work or play freely without the worry of intrusions and theft.
  6. Lowered Insurance Premiums. In some cases, having a video surveillance system in place can reduce insurance premiums.
  7. They are Smarter. DVR and cameras can tell you the amount of foot traffic you had at a given time. what part of the store they stay in. Facail recognition. They can tell uncommon behaviors.

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We offer more than cameras hooked to a recorder.

We have developed two systems that cover 99% of our customers. Our stand-alone system with or without AI and our integrated system. Whats the difference? Both are feature rich with one exception, the stand alone system does not integrate into our smart alarm system nor our home automation system.

Artificial Intelligence
It used to be that surveillance cameras were passive. Maybe they just recorded, and no one looked at the video. Fast forward, advance developments in video analytics are fueled by artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning—enable computers to watch and understand surveillance videos with human-like discernment.
Lens Type
Our cam lenses are equipted with auto irises. They are motorized, allowing them to automatically adjust the iris opening to the changing light throughout the day. The two types of auto irises are DC-irises - the control for the motor is in the camera and video irises - the control is in the lens itself.
cut the storage, not the quality. Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements. zipstream techology keeps the resolution and frame rate and still uses less storage.
Electronic Image Stabilization
A little shaken not blurred. Electronic image stabilization (EIS), provides smooth video in situations where a camera is subject to vibrations giving a Clear and precise images – even in scenes with lots of motion.

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